We deliver customized solutions and bottom line results for business owners.

When it comes to marketing your business, most business owners think they are limited to one of three extreme, equally challenging approaches to market their business.

1. Do Your Own Marketing

Doing your own marketing in addition to running the business day-to-day. This approach often proves to be sorely inadequate since most business owners end up running their marketing on the fly with a variety of unfamiliar tools and tactics, and without the experience, time, understanding or inclination to know how to do it effectively and efficiently.

2. Hire An Employee

Hiring an employee to handle it for you. This can be a good solution if you can find the right person. But, it comes at a big price since to find them, you need to go through some sort of recruiting process (which usually involves expenses), a vetting process, and an on-boarding and training process (an investment of time and money)… all before you really know if the person you’ve hired can deliver the goods for you. And you need to pay them a salary as well as benefits, vacation, etc. and make sure they are kept busy and getting results.

3. Hire A Full-Service Creative Marketing Agency

Hire a full-service creative marketing agency to build and launch your campaigns for you. This can be a very expensive option. While hopefully they engage competent resources to work on your campaigns in exchange for your hefty investment, as a small business, you may not end up getting the full attention that you deserve.

Each of these options devours time and effort (with a big opportunity cost) or swallows up your working capital which could likely be invested better elsewhere. Having to choose between these extremes, many small businesses wind up neglecting marketing their business altogether…until they realize their sales pipeline has run dry and then desperately try to patch a marketing solution together.

Sound painfully familiar?

...and then there's a better alternative...!

We offer business owners a better way - a hybrid solution that takes the best of each of these other options!

Get the proven strategies, tactics, tools and wisdom you need to consistently attract and convert prospects into customers, increase the lifetime value of those customers, and have them enthusiastically promote your business to their friends and family.

Our approach to working with you hits the sweet spot between doing it yourself and using a full (and expensive) agency or hiring a permanent employee. We deliver the marketing expertise and professionalism you expect but at a much more affordable price.

Focus on what you do best and
we’ll affordably handle the rest!

Our clients are experts at creating and delivering the services they offer.

But they rely on us to professionally market their business because they don’t have the capacity, experience or desire to learn and apply the marketing principles and tools that work in today’s digital world.

So they choose to rely on us.

Through years of experience, and no insignificant amount of trial and error(!), we have developed strategies that just plain-out work in today’s marketplace – systems that reliably and sustainably deliver new opportunities for our clients.

The bottom line? Titanium Digital Marketing allows you to stay focused on what you do best – delivering great services to your customers – while getting the marketing job done by leveraging our expertise and cost-effective services.